The Echoing Grove
The Echoing Grove
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, Hardcover, April, 1968
Author: Rosamond Lehmann
ISBN: 0002212064
List Price: £10.95
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Customer Reviews

Lovely, gentle, and full of thoughts.
The Echoing Grove is a wonderful book, though I know not everyone would enjoy the style. I found it to be written in the fashion of a watercolour, delicate and subtle but with great depth and colour.

One yearns to help the charactors, but they are trapped in their own story. Sometimes a book is so vivid that one grows to care very much for the charactors, perhaps because one hears echoes of one's own life in their words.

Rosamund Lehmann's style is somewhat quaint and old fashioned, but it was a relief to read a gentle book about thoughts and feelings. It reminded me of E.M. Forster's "Howards End".

I throughly recommend this as a thoughful book about the frailties, the similarities, and the differences of men and woman.

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