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The Annotated Alice: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" AND "Through the Looking Glass"
The Annotated Alice: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" AND "Through the Looking Glass"
Penguin Books Ltd, Paperback, 25 October, 2001
Authors: Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel, Martin Gardner
ISBN: 0140289291
List Price: £10.99
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Customer Reviews

Drink me !
It's not so much a looking glass that is required here but a magnifying glass as it would help to read the tiny annotated text which accompanies the original story.
Either that or a small bottle marked "Drink Me" which when taken reduces the reader to a size in keeping with the small print.
Although the subject has been thoroughly and well researched explanations of "comfit" and "ferret" leave no doubt that this examination of an English treasure is probably aimed at the American market.

Can't be too definitive
Not knowing what you do not know it tells you everything. This book appears to be stand alone logic and fun on the surface. Some may even think it is a children's book. If so why all the courses and scholarly writings on the story?
Some things are self evident as being so short that you can touch your toes. Others may take some time as the reason hatters are mad is the process includes mercury so even if it was directed at a particular person or not hatters are mad. Still when was the last time you used a bathing machine? Knowing some of information can enhance the enjoyment of reading the story.
You get the original illustrations to boot. So when you are finished perusing this book it can be used as a coffee table conversation book.

A lovely twist to a great book
Everyone thinks they know about Alice in Wonderland - my own 'knowledge' comes from years of obsessive viewing of the superlative Disney feature as a child - but this terrific little book will prove you wrong. There are enough notes in here to keep even the most apathetic reader pacified; and the book is designed in such a way that the notes aid the reader, rather than becoming a constant pain. Presented alongside the text (reproduced with original Tenniel drawings of the characters) the notes are immediate and gripping, and whether you are studying this book or merely reading it for pleasure, i can thoroughly reccommend this edition. Well worth your money and your time.

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