Sons and Lovers (Oxford World's Classics)
Sons and Lovers (Oxford World's Classics)
Oxford Paperbacks, Paperback, 02 April, 1998
Authors: D.H. Lawrence, David Trotter
ISBN: 0192838601
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Customer Reviews

I think that freud does not have an influence
It is just the unconsciousness of paul that push him to behave like that with his mother ,because they have a very close relation ship .he is at the place of his father ,since his father does not exist mentaly .It is not an act of freudian analysis

A novel presenting strong bond between a mother and her sons
The setting of the novel is in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area of England. The novel is the story of the Morel family. Gertrude and Walter Morel married and went to Bestwood, a mining village in Nottinghamshire. She was a well educated and refined person; he was a warm, vigorous, uneducated man. They had four children- Annie, the daughter, and three sons- William, Paul, and Arthur. As Gertrude Morel's sons grew up, she no longer felt love for her husband, and instead turned all her love and passion towards her sons. The sons grew up hating their father and completely dependent upon their mother, who became the strongest factor in their lives; as a result, when they became men, they were unable to find a satisfactory relationship with any woman. William, the eldest, chose a flignty girl who gave him physical satisfaction, but nothing more, for his soul was his mother's. The struggle of this impasse killed him. Paul the second eldest, chose Miriam, who fought his mother for his soul;torn between the two women he ultimately returned to his mother. Later, he turned for a physical relationship to Clara, an older married woman, but again he found that the ties with his mother were too strong for a succesful relationship. Paul told his mother that as long as she lived he could not live a full life or love any woman. She became ill, and Paul dedicated his life completely to her. When his mother died, he was left alone with a wish only for death.

Can we all say: "Okay, Paul, get over your mother"?
D.H. Lawerence kinda scares you with this book. It's beginning chapters, while it introduces you to characters, are boring. Let's face it: Classic British Literature is boring, and Lawerence only adds to it worse. His character, Paul Morel, obviously loves his mother a BIT TOO much. I'm not saying you have to consider this bad, I'm just saying that it made the book pointless. A man, living his life with constant remorse because no other woman can satisfy due to his mother?? How sad and how pathetic. The guy lost his virginity to a girl, then LEAVES her. The book is no where near what I call entertaining or exciting or even worth reading. However, it does have one quality: If you need to go to sleep, pick up this book.

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