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The Mistress of Spices (Macmillan Guided Readers)
The Mistress of Spices (Macmillan Guided Readers)
Macmillan ELT, Paperback, 11 August, 2003
Authors: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Anne Collins
ISBN: 0333999681
List Price: £3.30
Used Price: £22.99
Availability: Limited availability
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Customer Reviews


the film adaptation is miles better - don't waste your money. I really wanted to like this in fact I endured 200 or so pages then had to give in, I couldn't face the last 50 or so pages. Painful.

Simple, yet refreshingly different

I was merely curious when I purchased this book, and so my expectations were not that great. However, having started to read it, I soon began to feel that this was going to be very good - and I wasn't disappointed! Do not be misled by either the cover or synopsis of this particular read, as it is so much more exciting than is subtlety hinted at. The story is absorbing, and is dealing with some very strong and natural desires of a fantastical world, and often in an unsentimental way, yet is still very moving.

I was really living the life of this old lady after only a few chapters and everything she thinks and feels and yearns for became my own craving, and one cannot but help to become part of her character as the novel unfolds. Though little appears to be said about each character's background (personality-wise) it is extremely simple to create visions of these people. I was constantly in anticipation as to how this story would end, and thought it very predictable, but apart from being totally wrong in my guessing at the outcome, it was far more abrupt than I could have ever expected - I kept looking to see if I'd lost a page!

I cannot help but recommend this book to anyone who wishes to read something refreshingly different and totally wonderful.

Definitely five stars!

Another food-and-mysticism mistake
We just read this for our book group and the verdict was fairly unanimous; it's poorly-crafted, with no real focus. The author may be trying to recreate the kind of sensual food-and-romance feeling of Chocolat or Blackberry Wine, but in fact it's a dreadful jumble of little stories that go nowhere, while the love affair which is key to the story is apallingly juvenile and breathless. I wouldn't if I were you.

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