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The Ripley Omnibus: The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ripley Underground, Ripley's Game
The Ripley Omnibus: The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ripley Underground, Ripley's Game
Everyman's Library, Hardcover, October, 1999
Author: Patricia Highsmith
ISBN: 0375407928
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Ripley Does...Murder / Europe
Anyone who has seen the film version of 'The Talented Mr Ripley' and who loves to read, will be fascinated by these three books about Tom Ripley.

These three books begin with Tom in the USA. Although, he doesn't stay there long. Very soon he's in Italy and during the first novel tends to trek mostly around that country. The second novel in this omnibus edition sees Ripley at home in his house in Villeperce, France. During the second and third book in this volume, Ripley visits Germany and England.

Patrica Highsmith manages to beautifully capture the essence of all of these European countries. If you've ever been to any of them, you'll recognise them.

But, any Patricia Highsmith novel wouldn't be worth its salt without the odd murder or two. The Ripley novels have these in droves. Ripley, however, doesn't kill unnecessarily (except maybe...only maybe where Dickie Greenleaf is concerned), and the reader is assured by the end of each book that all murders were completely essential - well, almost.

Be warned, you will not be able to take a break between the second and third book. By the time you finish 'Ripley Under Ground', you'll be compelled to begin 'Ripley's Game'.

Remember the fun doesn't end there...there are two more Ripley novels to relish!

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