Corgi, Paperback, 06 January, 1994
Author: Simon Maginn
ISBN: 0552141224
List Price: £4.99
Used Price: £3.95
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Customer Reviews

a fantastic debut novel from one simon maginn, taking you on an unsettling trip into the minds of the sad and somewhat disturbing young family trying to make a clean and fresh start after personal tragedy. a very descriptive piece and full of imagery, simon maginn portrays clearly just how fragile the human mind can be. very good read.

Dai-ed in the wool drama
If you are ever asked to recommend a British psychological thriller, then this is a good one to pick. Strange comings and goings in a remote Welsh farmhouse, odd neighbours, stormy nights, and always the bleating of the sheeeeeep. Daft&scarey story that nestles snugly alongside Silence of the Lambs.

A great, unsettling horror novel.
On a trip to the UK a few years ago, I filled up my bags with books by British authors. Maginn's _Sheep_ was just out in paperback at the time and I picked it up after looking at the jacket copy. Am I ever glad I did. This is one of the most unsettling novels I've read in many years, even though the real horror is only hinted at, never clearly defined or out in the open. Simon Maginn is easily one of the best new writers I've come across in the past five years and his other novels are also recommended highly.

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