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Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle
Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle
Guggenheim Museum Publications,U.S., Hardcover, 22 July, 2002
Authors: Nancy Spector, Thyrza Goodeve, Neville Wakefield
ISBN: 0892072849
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Customer Reviews

If you have never seen the Cremaster films or any of Barney's other works, this luxurious book may leave you a little bewildered. Even if you have seen the films, you may still be a little bewildered, or, at least, dazzled.

This is quite the most voluptuous book I have in my collection, from the translucent plastic overlay to the cut-away pages, the whole thing just adds up to an art object, even more than the comprehensive catalogue of the Cremaster Cycle that it is.

The photography is perfect, the colours and reproductions superb and the layout invites you to spend hours looking. The texts at the back and front are very short but informative. I also have several of the individual books which went with the films and exhibitions, but none of them approach this book in oppulence.

The only book you'll ever recieve in a sack.
This is possibly the biggest book you'll ever own, I'm talking bigger than yellow pages. For that reason it was delivered to my door in a bright green sack. I found this only added to the whole cremaster experience. If you've seen the films this is a must; but would probably be lost on anyone who hasn't. It is the largest art work I have ever seen and it's influence on me just goes on. Barney is great! The book is a work in it's self, printed so beautifully it takes you right back to the awe and wonder. Buy it! Worship Matthew Barney and tremble before the glory of the cremaster cycle.

Althought this stunning record of Matthew Barney's astonishing Cremaster Cycle is probably best appreciated as a memento of the films themselves, it's also possible to appreciate his incredible verve and imagination just from looking through these pages. A great document of a fascinating work of art.

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