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The Manx Loghtan Story: The Decline and Revival of a Primitive Breed
The Manx Loghtan Story: The Decline and Revival of a Primitive Breed
Geerings of Ashford Ltd, Paperback, April, 1990
Author: Peter Wade-Martins
ISBN: 0951304275
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Customer Reviews

Great details about this small, strange sheep
As a spinner interested in history, I found this book fascinating. Ittells the story about the Loghtan sheep, a small, sturdy breed that livedon the Isle of Man. Sometimes armed with 4 or even 6 curved horns, thesebrown-wooled sheep lived in the Manx highlands and nearly went forgottenwhen other sheep breeds where being developed to live quitely in pens andgrow lots of valuable white wool.
But in the 1800s and later in theearly 1900s, several passionate gentlemen-farmers took interest in savingthis strange sheep, gathering them together and strengthening the breed.They saved them from dying out completely several times. Thankfully in the1970s the Rare Breeds Survival Trust again came to their rescue and nowensure the Loghtan do not die out. As a legacy breed documented to be fromat least 1000 years ago, they are walking history.
My interest in thissheep came from a vacation to the Isle of Man where I purchased severalfleeces from a local merchant. All the spinners in my area are so veryexcited to see the fleeces, and I look forward to spinning the lovely,soft wool into yarn.
This book would be of interest to spinners,historians and sheep breeders alike. It is mountains of information aboutone tiny little breed of sheep. I enjoyed the book greatly

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