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Five Children and It
Five Children and It
Wildside Press, Hardcover, 01 November, 2002
Author: E. Nesbit
ISBN: 1592249426
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Customer Reviews

lots of intresting twists
This is the story of 5 children who, while digging in the sand find a sand fairy that will grant them 1 wish a day. Sounds simple enough but the fairy never grants the wish in the way you think he will. A funny light hearted story with lots of intresting twists . The plot of the story is very good and unique and doesn't slows down for a second.

Spellbinding and hilarious
Kept my five-year-old and ten-year-old entranced for a whole journey to the Lake District and back, and we enjoyed it too. It was funny and suspenseful and wise, and the Psammead's voice was brilliantly done - brought out all its grumpy cat qualities.

An extremely enjoyable book for young readers
"Five Children and It" is Edith Nesbit's enchanting novel about four naughty children and a cute baby who find a fairy that will grant them a wish a day. The story is ingenious and well-plotted and is written in a fresh, modern style that will hugely entertain the young reader. Moreover, he or she will be able to extract from this book several sweet messages about goodness, generosity and the value of reflection.

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