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The Crowood Press Ltd, Hardcover, 28 June, 1999
Author: John M. Dibbs
ISBN: 1840371218
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Customer Reviews

"Diamond Nine, go!"
The combination of a personal narrative by John Rand and striking aerial photography by John M Dibbs makes this book a delight to read. Their passion for the Red Arrows radiates from every page.

The book begins with a history of the Red Arrows' formative years and JR's initial service in the RAF. Once these introductions are complete, the reader is taken on a personal tour of life in the Team from the early days as a FNG to the closing heart beats as the Team Leader. The presentation is an enjoyable mix of evocative text, humility, team spirit, and shear professionalism. The photographs provide us with a superb pilot's eye view of the manoeuvres that we can only ever dream about experiencing for real.


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