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No Limit [1935]
No Limit [1935]
Dd Home Entertainment, VHS Tape, 06 September, 1999
Director: Montague Banks
Actors: George Formby, Florence Desmond
Features: Black&White, PAL
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Customer Reviews

Top Film!
This is a (forgotten) classic biker movie. Unlike certain turgid American offerings, George captures the authentically cheeky, mad-for-it spirit of the British biker. The songs are actually pretty good and the bike-mad sentiment is instantly recognizable. And for those who doubt the credibility of a Ukelele-toting Yorkshireman ... Formby actually rode in the TT in those days before spangly Arais and proper leathers. Full respect!

It is an excellent and very funny film
George is here again, this time starring in his first Ealing/ATP film, and what a good one it was! The songs are excellent, especially 'Riding in the T.T. Races' and the action is suberb.

George Shuttleworth, a chimney sweep builds a home made motorbike. He enters the T.T. Races on the Isle of Man. To do this he 'borrows' some money from his grandad. He wins the trials because his brakes don't work. At the race, he is speeding towards the finishing line, but then runs out of petrol! He pushes the bike the rest of the way and just wins then colapses on the floor.

This film is a truly classic and extremely amusing one.

Cast: George Formby, Florence Desmond, Edward Rigby, Jack Hobbs, Peter Gawthorne, Alf Goddard, Florence Gregson

Songs: Riding in the TT Races (Gifford/Cliffe) Riding around on a Rainbow (Formby/Gifford) In a Little Wigan Garden (Gifford/Cliffe) Your Way is My Way (with F. Desmond) (Parr-Davies)

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