Treasure Island [2000]
Treasure Island [2000]
Ilc Entertainment, DVD, 17 April, 2000
Director: Peter Rowe
Actors: Jack Palance, Kevin Zegars
Features: Full Screen, PAL
List Price: £5.99
Used Price: £2.39
Third Party Price: £5.31
Availability: Limited availability
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Customer Reviews

Shipwrecked Plot
A very disappointing version of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. This is not because of its obvious low budget but because of its completely inexplicable change of plot from the novel. There seems absolutely no reason why such a wonderful story has been tampered with - novels are often adapted for film but so far does this stray from the novel that poor old RLS must surely be spinning in his grave! What a pity, I quite enjoyed the sight of the Isle of Mann magically transformed in to a tropical island using nothing more than a couple of potted palms.

A very good Film
I have have bought this dvd and I recomend it

A good all round family film made on the Isle of Man

Well produced and well acted.

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