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Best - The Movie [2000]
Best - The Movie [2000]
Mosaic Movies, VHS Tape, 27 January, 2003
Director: Mary McGuckian
Actors: John Lynch, Patsy Kensit
Features: PAL
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Customer Reviews

Football movies are nearly always disasterous, they try hard but they just don`t look right, whether it`s the pathetic `action` scenes or the commentary, which always sound like something from the thirties. In fact the only thing worse than a football film is an American `football` film, ugh. BEST was to have been the definitive story of the (now sadly)late, great Georgie, the icon of millions, including yours truly. It had a decent cast, although it is impossible to take Stephen Fry serious. Patsy Kensit also appears, and the actual action scenes are pretty good. The look-a-likes who play the parts of Bestie`s contemporaries are actually spot on, Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, Matt Busby, are all portrayed well. However, there are a couple of areas in which the film falls down badly, a la Frank Lampard. Firstly, Tommy Docherty, George`s nemesis, was NOT the manager when he rattled in a double hat-trick against Northampton in 1970, and, most crucially, John Lynch, despite being a competent actor looks nothing like the subject of the movie. It`s not his fault, but he looks more like a second cousin twice removed. From somebody other than George. Maybe another actor who bore a (passing?) resemblance would have raised the film up from the funny to the brilliant. George`s life story is pretty well known to football fans and all the problems he experienced are portrayed, sometimes quite well. But the best way to describe BEST should be left to GB himself. When asked for his opinion, he replied, ` the only good thing I can say about it is, the music`s good...` And he was right.

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