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Before You Go (2002)
Before You Go (2002)
Eiv, VHS Tape, 21 April, 2003
Actors: Julie Walters, John Hannah
Features: PAL
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Customer Reviews

Top stuff!
This has to be one of my favourite films. Although, it definately helps to be a rock fan (even if not necessarily a KISS fan - as I'm not especially) in order to enjoy this film and relate to these really likable characters.

It's not just the comedy that makes this film great. It's that you really care about all four guys, who are brilliantly cast. It's often compared to films like Road Trip and Amercian Pie, but I feel it has alot more depth than films in that genre.

If u wanna rock'n'roll all this-mingetease...
A great movie. So funny!! Great comedy!
Pity there isnt a movie about AC/DC in the same way. Someday...hopefully...someday...

Agatha Minge.
U Minge teasin' bastad, Gene!

" I lost my virginity in a confessional booth!"
THis is one of the greatest movies about rock'n'roll and young misfits trying to loose their virginity and getting into a concert.
THis movie truly spawned the AMERICAN PIE generation!
it is actually flawless. i never thought icould say that about a movie that deals with the rock genre; thre is so much to cover, and this being KISS(one of the greatest and most celebrated rock bands around) the film would have to live up to all the hundreds of thousands of the KISS-ARMY to deal with.
THe director truly loves KISS and this shows in the film. It is a movie that is not just a vehicle for KISS, but an awesome movie even if you're not a KISS fan.
THe movie boasts many great preformances including a preformance from EDWARD FURLONG (before all the drugs), and a show stopping finale with KISS.
The movie is produced by kiss and there are some worthy DVD extra-features of the KISS name, including an interview with GENE SIMMONS and a comentary by SIMMONS, STANLEY etc.
This is truly an awesome movie that is just such a good movie to watch with your friends!! A definite for KISS fans, or those who want to see a remarkably funny comedy.
"Good tunes, good comedy, great KISS!"


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