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Thomas And the Magic Railroad [2000]
Thomas And the Magic Railroad [2000]
Icon Home Entertainment, VHS Tape, 13 November, 2000
Director: David Mitton
Actors: Michael Angelis, George Carlin
Features: Dolby, PAL, Surround Sound
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Customer Reviews

great for little thomas fans
I've read all the reviews above and agree with them all really. This film is awful and could have been done so much better, I was really looking forward to a great Thomas film. However saying that my two toddlers watch this over and over and over, they absolutely adore it, they think it's fantastic. At the end of the day it's a film for them and if they think it's great then who's to argue!

What were they thinking of?!
Before I critisise this film I must say that my 4 year old son loves it and watches it over and over however to me they missed a fantastic opportunity to make a great film.
The script is abysmal and stilted, the storyline ridiculous and over complicated and the 'acting' is totally wooden. The trains barely feature in the story which is such a shame as the tv programs are great.
I really don't know what the thinking was behind this film but they badly lost the plot!

'Railroad' should give you a clue to what they've done here
Appalling and unwatchable mishmash - a complete trouncing of poor Rev Awdry's delightful stories, which my children love. On seeing the video I was just glad we'd missed seeing it at the movies - my children would have been even more disappointed on a wasted outing! This vid is still in their collection but they never ever choose to watch it, preferring their other 'train' videos instead. Sorry, America, this Atlantic crossover does not work!

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