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Alice Through The Looking Glass
Alice Through The Looking Glass
Contender Entertainment Group, VHS Tape, 23 October, 2000
Director: John Henderson
Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Gary Olsen
Features: PAL
List Price: £10.99
Used Price: £5.46
Third Party Price: £34.58
Availability: Limited availability
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Customer Reviews

Enchanting but beware of sheep in wolves clothing
This is a fabulous film. The production is rather sterile in the sense that the special effects are mostly computer morphing and hence it lacks the gothic surreal toy box feel of Alice by Jan or the BBC sixties version of the Wonderland book with Gielgud, et al. Kate Beckinsale is however a feast for the eyes, and Ian Holm as the White Knight is superb. There are some fine performances here from very fine actors such as Sian Phillips and I might add Steve Coogan. However, as I bought this recently for only 6.00 I find the overpriced collector wolves who are charging exhorbitant fees on here should be reprimanded. This really is far too much for a fine film. Get real and buyers be careful.

More surreal.....
I remember watching this version on TV a few years ago. It is more surreal than the Disney version of Lewis Carroll's books, especially as Alice's hair changes through each scene, and some scenes that are ment to be set in a wood seem to be in white room. The flowers are played by women who wear floral dresses. However, it keeps closer to the story line then the cartoon versions and the effects are good.

Great Movie
This is a fabulous movie. I was kind of confused whether this film was meant for adults or children, but I'm sure both would enjoy it. I'm American so unfortunatly I cannot purchase this on video yet, I just happened to catch it on HBO this afternoon. But it's a great film with a great cast and it is definatly worth a look. So if you have the money buy or rent it and I am sure you will enjoy it. There is humor and adeventure throughout the movie so it shouldn't be missed. Hope you enjoy!

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