Tom's Midnight Garden [2000]
Tom's Midnight Garden [2000]
MGM Entertainment, VHS Tape, 02 April, 2001
Director: Willard Carroll
Actors: Anthony Way, Nigel Le Vaillant
Features: Dolby, PAL, Surround Sound
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Customer Reviews

'A Classic Story To Make You Cry'
If, like me, you are an 'old romantic', hate growing old and are deeply sentimental you will love this film. While I have to agree that some of the acting and direction is a little 'stagey', the brilliance of the story, the extremely beautiful garden scenes, the realistic period costumes and the wistful and enchanting music win through overall. Having said this, I have to admit though that I came to this film completely unaware of the tale of 'Tom's Midnight Garden' and have not read the original book. Still, a film that has the power to enthrall and bewitch children AND make adults cry can't be all that badly done can it? As life goes by we all, miss something or someone, lose loved one's and yearn in some way for a moment from our past don't we? This film succeeds therefore because it takes us to a place where it is o.k to feel again, like a child we connect more directly to our emotions and it is that potency that brings forth the tears. Not perfect then, but if you're of a sentimental nature an essential weepie.

WOW ... what else can you want ....
We've just watched this magical film and enjoyed every minute that it had to offer. We both enjoy the time travel tales, but this takes it one step further and links it to the present and the future as well.

We may not be children, but I do have 4 of my own and know without a doubt that they were watching it and, though their ages range from 19 to 9, loved every minute as well. The way that all of the time lines are linked and tied together at the end is well thought. You can put yourself in the boy's shoes and know that given the chance you would have acted in the same way.

Awful,just plain awful
This is quite simply awful,a really poor adaptation of a classic childrens book.Bad acting,bad derection,bad editing,bad cast.......just bad everything.

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