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Relative Values [2000]
Relative Values [2000]
Momentum Pictures, DVD, 25 March, 2002
Director: Eric Styles
Actors: Julie Andrews, Edward Atterton
Features: Anamorphic, PAL, Widescreen
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Customer Reviews

A Comedy Without Laughs....
As the opening credits rolled on this movie I started to get misgivings. A Baldwin brother... but sadly William not Alec, a Thompson sister, unfortunately Sophie and not Emma, a Hollywood actress - but its Jeanne Tripplehorn, one of that breed of B-list American babes who along with the likes of Andie MacDowell happily slum it in British made movies. Julie Andrews leads the lack lustre cast as an aristocratic matriarch in 1950s British society. Many years living in LA have given Dame Julie's accent a strange mid Atantic twang which does not serve her well in this supposedly terribly English role. The plot is not the most intriguing and the script provides no real laughs. The scenery's pretty enough and there's nothing here that would offend your grannie. To sum up, its a pleasant enough way to kill an hour on a Sunday afternoon, but its not a movie you will treasure and want to watch again. What the wonderful Stephen Fry was doing wasting his talents as the butler with no great lines to say is beyond me - picking up the paycheck and hanging out with his friends I'd guess!

Light-hearted fun
I have watched the DVD several times now. It's fun to watch Stephen Frye, Julie Andrews, a Baldwin, and others in this fun farce. You'll enjoy this movie if you want an uncomplicated evening of laughs. Frye is the best part of the movie, in my opinion.

Delightful and great fun to watch.
I found this movie by chance whilst searching for movies by Julie Andrews. What a delightful and light hearted entertainment it turned out to be. This movie was well enjoyed by my family. The added bonus of having two of my favourite actors - Julie Andrews and Colin Firth was more than I could ask for. Colin Firth was at his most mischievous best and the ever lovely and royal Julie Andrews. This is an all star cast; there is a guest appearance by Stephanie Beecham.
This is great comedy and it is light hearted too. It is great fun to watch, you can't go wrong with this DVD.

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