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Contra Music / Universal, Audio CD, 29 October, 2001
    Does he have a name?
    A simple request
    Is it over?
    O lover
    Let me rest
    We'll get what we deserve
    Walking in the shallows
    Yours for the taking
    Spy in the clubs
    Somewhere in the world
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Customer Reviews

Gene's greatest album to date
From the heartbreaking "Is It Over?" to the ambiguous joy of "Walking in the Shallows", Libertine is an emotional journey through the contradictory feelings that arise from the breakup of a relationship. Musically, Gene move away from the guitar orientated sound of previous albums to a more flexible soulful sound. This is Gene's greatest album to date, and suggests that the success they rightly deserve may soon be theirs.

Sleazy Libertine shows Gene still know how to cut it!
Deemed by many to have 'gone away', Gene show that although the music press may go quiet on you for a while, it doesn't mean that you're not preparing a gem of a new album all along. And that 's exactly what 'Libertine' is - a darker, less guitar orientated collection of tunes than previous records that is driven primarily by the bass and drums and which, after several listens, infects the very brain of the listener. Top tracks - the seedy opener (and up coming single) 'Does He Have A Name?', and the brooding, explosive-chorused 'Spy In The Clubs'. If you've never bought any Gene records before, treat yourself today to Libertine. If you have bought Gene before, buy several copies of it.

Gene continues to remind the world of their presence
With this, Gene's fourth album, they provide those who still care about brit-pop a beautiful more mature sound than previously. The way they weave the polyphony of instruments is seamless, with the incredible voice of Martin. They seem to know how to create great coruses which hit home if you love beautiful meaningful music. Why can't more bands be like these guys. I am from the heartland of America, and see a need for Gene and other UK bands in the US. This band rocks when it's necessary and slows down when it's necessary..perfect.

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