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Gabriel And Me [2001]
Gabriel And Me [2001]
Pathe Distribution, DVD, 09 September, 2002
Director: Udayan Prasad
Actors: Iain Glen, David Bradley (IV)
Features: PAL, Widescreen
List Price: £12.99
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Third Party Price: £3.14
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Customer Reviews

Little Angel of a movie
Well if you liked no loved'Billy Elliot' you'll love this little story too. Written by the same person it too sends you on a journey with a young boys quest. Billy Connolly as Gabriel? Yes you may think "Oh come on" but he plays the part beautifully. It has it's sad bits, funny bits but is a very moving journey on one boys dream to be an angel. Without giving too much away Jimmy Spud wants to be an angel his family life isn't what you call happy with his bully of a father. Gabriel puts Jimmy through some tests he doesn't always fully understand. The last test is the most hardest and most sad of all. Sorry can't give you no clues you'll have to watch the film. I really enjoyed this story as not very often an original movie concept comes up. Hope you enjoy it too I give it 5/5

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