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Paranoid [1999]
Paranoid [1999]
Cinema Club, DVD, 28 October, 2002
Director: John Duigan
Actors: Jessica Alba, Jeanne Tripplehorn
Features: Anamorphic, PAL, Widescreen
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Customer Reviews

Boring, boring, boring
The film paranoid stars the hot Jessica Abel. She plays a model who feels that someone is stalking her. Ofcourse, her friends thinks that she is paranoid. When she goes with a friends to a privat party, her friends leaves after a while, meaning she has to stay there over the night with some really strange people. She then finds out that the people there have been spying on her, and as she tries to escape, she gets caught and gets locked in the basement. In total the film is really boring, the only thing that saves it is that it stars the beautiful and sexy Jessica Abel, otherwise known from the tv series Dark Angel. There are no special features or subtitles on the DVD.

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