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Everybody Loves Sunshine [1999]
Everybody Loves Sunshine [1999]
Cinema Club, DVD, 28 October, 2002
Director: Andrew Goth
Actors: Goldie, Andrew Goth
Features: PAL
List Price: £5.99
Used Price: £18.09
Third Party Price: £39.50
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Customer Reviews

Study in Style
One of the most stylish bits of filming that I have seen for a long time: superb and imaginative camera work; exact acting which is not over stated; for atmosphere and tension the film is masterly ... unfortunately -
1. it is frequently unclear exactly what is going on;
2. I was often uncertain who or what all the characters were;
3. I find many French and a good few American films hard to follow without sub-titles (linguistic and diction difficulties) but here we have a good English film and whole junks desperately needed sub-titles - sotto voce muttering!- confusion exacerbated.
4. Must agree with reviewer who remarked on loose ends ... what did happen to the brutally treated girl friend - one cared? Indeed, it is a cruelly brutal tale ...
ALL THE SAME - an outstanding piece of filming.

Everybody Loves Sunshine
Some people will like this film but I found it very disappointing.I kept thinking that Ray would find out what happened to his girlfriend but no. Although I own it I don't think I will be watching it again!

Everybody loves sunshine
An excellent modern potrayal of the British gangland. Hardcore street attitudes combined with hard house music, make this film a must see. The main character played by Goldie, gives this film it magic touch.

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