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Darkness Falls [1998]
Darkness Falls [1998]
Siren DVD, DVD, 21 April, 2003
Director: Gerry Lively
Actors: Ray Winstone, Sherilyn Fenn
Features: PAL
List Price: £9.99
Used Price: £16.99
Availability: Limited availability
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Customer Reviews

Very well-done !
A couple is threatened by a strange invader in their own house. The stranger pulls a gun at them and forces the man and his wife to talk about their relationship.
Avoid it if you're looking for the usual action flick. The movie contains hardly any physical violence or shootings. It rather seems to be a stage play in which the people's characters are revealed in long dialogues and several flashbacks.
The cast is excellent paticularly Sherilyn Fenn and Ray Winestone. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates psychological dramas.

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