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The Heart Of Me [2003]
The Heart Of Me [2003]
Pathe Distribution, DVD, 06 October, 2003
Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Williams
Features: PAL, Widescreen
List Price: £17.99
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Customer Reviews

It is thebest film I have seen for years.
Helena Bonham Carter is at her best in this gem of a film, as are her Co actors.

I do not understand that the news of the brilliance of this film, has not been more widely spread, and therefore I will do my best to chime in the chorus of praise of this film.

It surpasses Gosford park and most period drama by miles. The portraits of the prime actors is delicately cut and reveals the nature of each role to the bone, heart and spirit of the character as well as the spirit and hypocrisies of the time.

What can't be done, should have been done and what is done should have been avoided. It is the keepers of the rules and the "right thing to do", who ruins all by not knowing that the lives and happiness of all are at stake here. The winners become the loosers and the lovers are robbed of what should have been, and is rightfully theirs.

The background musik is perfect, the decoration and costumes splendid, photografi and pace of the film right on. There is simply nothing wrong with this film, and the drama reveals and unveils itself, in a most amazing way, making you feel and care for them all.

Go for this film, unhook the phone and put your mobile on mute. Tell people you are not available, and live into this great film, with awe and no interruption.

It will brake your heart, but your heart will grow from the experience - If not, you are not alive!

It Broke The Heart Of Me
A profoundly moving film, brilliantly acted and wonderfully made.

A tale of families, friendships, love and betrayal, all bound together by human frailty, both physical and emotional. A film about infidelity that seeks not to excuse or judge, but lays bare human weakness and allows us to make up our own minds. Helena Bonham Carter looks stunning and gives the performance of her career as a free spirit with a fragile psyche. When it ended, I felt like my heart had been ripped out and broken in two in front of me.

Criminally overlooked - this should be on a permanent loop in every multiplex in the land.

Wonderful realisation of Rosamond Lehmann novel
Adapted from Lehmann's novel "The Echoing Grove" this is everything a fan of the writer could wish for. That particular quality of bittersweet angst she brings to her characters is beautifully captured by the screen play and acting.

Rickie (Paul Bettany) an upper crust lawyer is the pivot of a love triangle between his cool but loyal wife Madeleine (Olivia Williams) and her sister the somewhat bohemian Dinah (Helena Bonham Carter).

Bettany negotiates a difficult role brilliantly portraying the inner anguish behind the stiff upper lip exterior. Carter and Williams fit their roles like a glove and sparkle in their interactions. There is no doubt who Rickie really loves, but I found myself rather on the side of his cool wife than her sister.

Excellent sets, acting and a fine score of the sobbing strings variety that gel so well with Lehmann's tales of tortured love.

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