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The Order - Cremaster 3
The Order - Cremaster 3
Palm Pictures, DVD, 19 January, 2004
Features: PAL
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Customer Reviews

Pretentious Time Waster
I was very disappointed when I finally got to view one of the famous Cremaster films.

It appeared to be filmed in an office building that was closed for the weekend. There was no dialog. Unless I got a bad DVD? I mean none. Lots of barely manipulated Masonic symbols. Very self-conscious and adolescent. This seemed like it was made by a bunch of high school students when they snuck the keys to one of their dad's offices, got a bunch of something to alter their consciousness (in a not very interesting, self-absorbed way), raided their costume boxes, and mum's make-up and had some fun for a few hours. The fun was all theirs.

A Pointless Release??
I never thought I would be one of those people slating something on Amazon, but here goes! I have titled this review as a pointless release, pointless for me in that it is only a thirty minute extract from the end of the third part of the Cremaster Cycle.

I have had a quick surf to find out Barney's reasons for releasing this extract, but have not yet found the answer. I unfortunately missed screenings of the entire Cycle (twice!) and would still love to watch it in its entirety. All I have to say about The Order is...

Disappointing! I don't mind the strangeness, but it seems only for its own sake. You can read/ project a few things into the film, but in all honesty, having expected something really amazing, I thought it was dull and pretentious. For me, it was a long way from great art.

I reserve my whole judgement until I see The Order in its context. Until the whole of Cremaster is released, avoid this dvd! I think Barney is very cleverly getting people eager to see his Cycle by refusing us the luxury of a complete DVD release. However, unless you are desperate to see some of it, don't buy this. Matthew Barney, stop messing around and let honest people see the lot!!

To conclude; This dvd gets one star because a) It's an extract and b) It's bad.

The Order
Only the last section of Cremaster 3 ... from the Busby Berkeley dancing lambs of the first degree to the fifth degree and Richard Serra's re-enactment of his lead flinging work using warm vaseline you will not have seen anything quite like this. Even as a part of the Cremaster Cycle it is a revelation - except that I may never understand what it reveals exactly. The image of the 'The Order' or Entered Apprentice (somehow having been transformed from the first entered apprentice having his teeth smashed out with an ornamental horses bit at the race track/in the Chrysler building and the teeth being transformed through his disemboweled rectum) standing on the podium with an altered 'bear skin' hat and a face stuffed full of linen towel (or apron?) will haunt me forever. It is an image fest so saturated in Barneys mythology that it should be nauseating - but it just isn't. Maybe I'm giving too much away? A box set of the whole Cycle? God, lets hope not. Their limited availability serves to keep them unique.

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