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Suzie Gold [2004]
Suzie Gold [2004]
Pathe Distribution, DVD, 02 August, 2004
Director: Ric Cantor
Actors: Ariana Fraval, Daniel Mendoza (II)
Features: PAL
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Customer Reviews

Don't knock it till you've tried it...
I am partial to the odd romcom (yes, I really should know better, but I like stuff that's easy to watch most of the time) and Suzie Gold is no exception. Summer Phoenix, who looks stunning in this film, takes the title role as a member of a Jewish family, where her sister has just been married off to the stereotypical nice, "safe" as Suzie puts it, Jewish boy her larger than life parents expected. The pressure's mounting on Suzie to follow suit, as you can imagine.

She then falls for a guy at her work, Darren (Leo Gregory) in between family gatherings, visiting her nan, having lunch with unhappy girlfriends and being shouted at by her boss and a certain former S Clubber. She realises he's perfect until reality hits her in the face - he's not Jewish, and her parents won't approve...will she have to be married off to Antony Silva, the nice Jewish boy after all?

Well, I'm not giving that away here. However, what I can say is that, in spite of some OTT acting in certain places (and you'll know which ones because nearly none of them involve Suzie), it's a really good, funny film, and actually leaves you thinking deeper into the issues raised. It's got an excellent soundtrack too, and as someone else said here, a good use of old quotes which give it a nice touch. Overall, a good, simple Britflick come romcom that will keep you entertained for a few hours.

This is a Super Film
I remember years ago watching Four Weddings and Funeral, and thinking, is that it? I couldn't understand what the fuss was about. Then I took out Suzie Gold, expecting it to be quite poor from the reviews.

I really liked it. Summer Phoenix is beautiful and beguiling. The Jewish characters are a bit over the top, but the conflict between marrying in and marrying out is well done.

The lead man is a bit of a drip, but the development of their romance is quite charming. I liked the quotations from the rabbis, which cropped up through the film. The London backdrop was interesting, too.

The last bit of the rom com drama made me feel warm inside, so I think it worked. I expect the creators are very disappointed it didn't do a lot better.

Entertaining but hardly life changing
OK, so the press have torn into this film because My Big Fat Greek wedding got the ethnic stereotyping in first and Bridget Jones was a more likeable heroine. But this movie isn't as bad as the Fleet Street sourpusses would have you know and if you can ignore the dodgy characterisation, Suzie Gold presents a fairly sincere - and occasionally touching - view of the whole assimilation issue in 21st Century Britain.

Summer Phoenix holds it together despite being neither English or Jewish. She has an on screen charm and her accent holds up pretty well, even if she is let down by the fairly ordinary plotline and script. Most of the others in the cast are competent but have little to work. Iddo Goldberg, as Anthony Silver, grows into his role superbly and stands out as an engaging little creep.

The direction is generally good and the film moves at a steady pace although some of the scenes involving Suzie and her grandmother miss a trick, with some rather limp dialogue.

An entertaining if hardly life changing experience, Suzie Gold is a decent film and compares favourably with most of the British romcoms released each year. Perhaps the critics could have been a little more charitable.

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