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Trauma [2004]
Trauma [2004]
Warner Home Video, DVD, 21 February, 2005
Director: Marc Evans
Actors: Colin Firth, Mena Suvari
Features: Anamorphic, PAL, Widescreen
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Customer Reviews

Ineffectual and undernourished misfire
Marc Evans' Trauma is not to be confused with Dario Argento's Trauma, although it does seem eager to be confused with Jacob's Ladder, borrowing a few clumsily executed visual effects and the central "Which reality is reality?" conundrum to remarkably little effect. Despite a surprisingly good turn from Colin Firth as a stalker-cum-murder-suspect who may or may not have killed a pop star, whose wife may or may not have died in the accident that left him in a coma and whose landlady-cum-romantic interest Mina Suvari may or may not be a figment of his imagination, it's a thin and uninvolving story that fails to be bolstered by the visual techniques that keep you at arms length from the characters without ever being particularly successful in their own right.

There is a brief section halfway through where the picture threatens briefly to become interesting, but it all too quickly passes. Not unwatchable, just flat as a mill pond. Still, it does set new cinematic ground in giving all the ants in the film individual screen credits.

two stars for Colin..........
The two stars are only for Colin Firth who I would watch in anything, but this time I was actually pressing the fast forward button to move it on and see if it got any didn't, three of us started watching this film by the end there was only me and I was nearly asleep, not my idea of entertainment, in fact a total waste of time,sorry Colin.

One of the best Colin performance
I've never been a genre movies fan but this one is completely different. You get intrigued since the very first moment until the end.
There is no need to say how exceptional actor Colin Firth is ,but in this movie he does his very best performance.
If you appreciate quality movies and an exquisite interpretation, Trauma is without any doubt your movie.Highly recommend it.

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