Five Children And It [2004]
Five Children And It [2004]
Pathe Distribution, VHS Tape, 21 March, 2005
Director: John Stephenson
Actors: Kenneth Branagh, Zoe Wanamaker
Features: PAL
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Used Price: £2.35
Third Party Price: £3.95
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Customer Reviews

5 Children&It
If you've ever watched the fantastic TV series 'The Phoenix&The Carpet' then this is a very similar story. The book is by the same author and it revolves around middle/upper class victorian children who happen upon an adventure where they are granted a wish every day (or three wishes in P&TC). I don't think its as good but its still great fun, my girls loved it especially the 'Psammead' or 'IT' which is a sand fairy (also appears in an episode of Phoenix). Its a recurring story, the kids get a wish which they rush and realise they have to wait a day to correct the mess they've got into. The story is really heartwarming though and theres a lot of sentiment involved and a happy ending. Great little cameo role for Norman Wisdom too !!!

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