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Boy Eats Girl
Boy Eats Girl
Optimum Home Entertainment, DVD, 13 February, 2006
Director: Stephen Bradley
Actors: Samantha Mumba, David Leon
Features: Anamorphic, PAL
List Price: £15.99
New Price: £4.97
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Customer Reviews

The Diet Coke of zombie movies
From the title and premise, this might have been something really good fun - as it is, it's just weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak....

Lazily written and directed, with a cast about as charismatic as a compost heap (don't give up your day job, Samantha Mumba - oh wait, I think she already did), Boy Eats Girl is one of the dullest teen horrors I've ever seen. Such a shame, because it clearly didn't have to be this way: with better gore FX, a stronger cast and ballsier direction this might have been something great. Occasionally it gets quite dark, touching on teen suicide and promiscuity, and when the zombie attacks occur they are suprisingly extreme (though only a few moments in the last act warrant the 18 certificate). But when all is said and done, it isn't scary, it isn't funny, and it isn't remotely gripping. Not what you really want from a horror comedy.

Stick with Evil Dead 2, Shaun of the Dead, Braindead and Return of the Living Dead to see it done right. And, while this film's use of farmyard equipment is passable, check out Evil Aliens to see how that's really done...

Shaun of the Dead Cash-in...
And so the first "homage" to Shaun of the Dead's Rom-Zom-Com has arrived, with a mega low budget and zero enjoyment.

It rips that classic film off very badly you can see where they nicked wholesale parts of the plot from Simon Pegg. But Boy eats Girl is set in a school, with teenagers as the main cast. So instead of the sophisticated silliness of Shaun, we get juvenile pranks in Boy, that are both boring and predictable.

Given it's ultra low budget, I should be forgiving, but they could have at least spent some of that money on the make up for the zombies, which is at best OK, and mostly dreadful. You can see fake zombie hands wobble because they're made out of rubber. Terrible!

Less money should have been spent on Samantha Mumba, who is just a soul-less shell of a character and does nothing more than look confused. Probably wondering why she gave up singing.

Boy contains none of the loveable characters of Shaun, nor the humour, but it does do the Rom part of the equation quite well. The first half is built up with the relationships between the students, nd it's quite watchable. The bit where the main character turns into a flesh eating lover was also quite good. However, the bit where the film should have been good, the Zom-Com, falls far short.

The best irish horror film ever!!
I rented this film because from the trailer it looked like one of those films thats so bad it's good, but was plesantly surprised to find out it was actually was good. It may not be the most scary zombie film you'll see but it is very funny. The acting might not be the best especially Samantha Mumba but that kinda adds to it's charm. It's worth a look just for the mass zombie killing finale which is genius.

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