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Lag ny Keeiley (The Hallow of the Chapel)


Hollow of the Chapel (Lag ny Keeiley in Manx) is an early Christian chapel and hermitage site with small living cell (for a priest) and garden. It is located just off an old pack horse trail. The burial site contained stone lintel graves and simple slate crosses.
The most isolated of all Manx keeils with surrounding burial ground and ruins of hermits cell. at the sourthern end of Manx National Trust property of Eary Cushin. Access difficult. Dalby A strenuous 3miles walk to Lag ny Keeilley Follow road through Dalby Lag for 1 1/2 miles turning right at entrance to Eary Cushin property; thence follow rough path old pack horse track south for 1 1/4th mile on this gives entrance to Eary Cushin property thence follow directions as above.
Chibbyr y vashtee (Well of Baptism) on the left side of the old pack horse trail, 250 yards north of the keeill.


Between Port Erin and Dalby in the southwest of the Island.
Map Ref: 217 745

By Vehicle:
Along the A36, take the footpath to Cronk ny Arrey Laa and then the footpath on the right leading downhill, take the crossing footpath left to the site.

By Bus:
Take bus no. 5, 5A, 6, or 6A to Peel. From Peel take the bus no. 7 to Dalby. From Dalby head south to Creggan Moar along a byway footpath past Kerroodhoo Plantantion. Take the crossing footpath right and on to the site.

By Railway
The west side of the Island is not serviced by the Railways. Take a vehicle or bus.

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