The Brylcreem Boys [1999]
The Brylcreem Boys [1999]
Guerilla Films, VHS Tape, 05 June, 2000
Director: Terence Ryan
Actors: Bill Campbell, Chris 'Kit' Ryan
Features: PAL
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Customer Reviews

The Brylcreem Boys
What an incredibly funny, touching and heartwarming film. I had no idea that this happened during the war - and had to check to make sure it was a true story. Absolutely brilliant.

A Beautifully shot, heartwarming story of love and war.
From the moment the film started I was overwelmed by the wonderful scenery. Even though an awlful war was going on, this film made you see other parts of the war that you might not have known about. The idea of the two captured enemies spending time almost together, except for the dividing barbed wire, seemed almost unreal. The love story that infolds is truly beautiful and leaves you at the end quite transfixed. Beautiful

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