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Friday, August 28, 2015
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(Balley ny Shellee)

A village built from the remains of a once great Abbey still holds to an old religious past.

Ballasalla holds close ties with Castletown and is still remembered for monks and strawberries with cream. The village named from Gaelic meaning 'Place of the Willow Trees' was mainly built from the ruins of Rushen Abbey. A medieval Cistercian founded in the 1100's and dissolved in the 1500's.

This small village is close to Ronaldsway Airport, built between Ballasalla and Castletown. Named after the medieval King Reginald of Mann by the Norse who called the location 'The Port of Reginald', Ronaldsway.

Dates: Monday 31 August 2015 - Saturday 05 September 2015
Description: Abbey Church M.G.P Cafe. The Abbey Chrurch Drop in Cafe for MGP. All day breakfasts, hot baps, soup of the day, salads and sandwiches 8.00am.-2pm. All funds raised fare for the upkeep of the four churches in our parish, The Abbey Church,, Ballasalla.
Event information supplied by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism & Leisure (01624 686766)

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