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New products to try at the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival 13 September 2011

A number of new products will be on show at this year’s Festival and can be bought and tasted over the Festival weekend of 24th & 25th September.

The Original Manx Fudge Factory is launching the first new Manx Knob for 30 years. Initially, there are 2 flavours – Old Grumpy Knobs which are a dark mint confection and Christmas Knobs which are a buttery golden colour and will be made with Manx butter. To make the traditional shape, a 100 year old offset cutter has been brought into service. The Knobs are made on the Island in Ballasalla and visitors can sign up at the Festival for a free trip to the factory.

The Festival will also see the launch of a new sweet taste from the Individual Cake Company, makers of creative and beautiful cupcakes. The new product is currently shrouded in secrecy but will be unveiled and on sale at the Festival.

Other very new tastes include Ballarock’s Basking Shark Cask Aged Rum which uses rum from islands whose seas are visited by Basking Sharks as they wander the world’s oceans before appearing annually in Manx waters. A donation from sales is made to Manx wildlife charities. The Manx Organic Network has created a new brand for organic beef and Lamb – Pure Manx Organic – and will be providing tastings. The meat can be bought from the Radcliffe Butchers Ltd stand in Manx Produce Marquee 2. Finally, for lactose intolerant Festival visitors, Davison’s Ice Cream will be selling their new goat’s milk ice cream in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.

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