The Martins [2001]
The Martins [2001]
Icon Home Entertainment, VHS Tape, 19 August, 2002
Director: Tony Grounds
Actors: Lee Evans, Kathy Burke
Features: Dolby, PAL, Surround Sound
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Customer Reviews

This film is a must for everyone. I enjoy Lee Evans' stand up, but was a little sceptical about how he would appear on the big screen. He was an absolute revelation, brilliantly acted and his timing is pure perfection.

truly awful
this is an awful film featuring an overly stereotyped, loathsome family with whom it is impossible to empathise - it doesn't matter whether this is supposed to be comedy or not, they're awful whichever view you take. because of this the film fails, because you just don't care about any of the characters, even if you're not taking the film seriously.

admittedly, i'm probably biased because i can't stand lee evans, who may or may not be a good comedian (depending on your point of view) but whose acting ability is limited to the same character in everything i've ever seen him in. kathy burke is wasted in this, though she puts in a typically good performance. the supporting cast seems to be made up of extras who acted like they were straight out of stage school, delivering cringe-worthy exposition instead of dialogue, a technique which should have been left behind in school drama lessons, where it belongs.

the only good thing about this film was the cameo from ray winstone, which is the only thing that made me laugh.

"The Martins" or "The Martyns"?
I recall going to see this movie when it came out in 2001.
I had time to waste and decided to waste it on this film.

The film itself is worth a single viewing if purely for the scenes in and around Hatfield. The storyline itself has enough humour for one viewing, although having sympathy for the character played by Lee Evans is, at times, difficult.

However, I have one major gripe with this film...

When it came out at the cinema, it was called "The Martyns"
Today, it is called "The Martins". Only a solitary "Bob Martyn" appearance in the cast list confirmed to me that I wasn't losing my memory.

Maybe it is for American audiences, who most likely also have the film subtitled?

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