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Shergar [1999]
Shergar [1999]
Hollywood DVD Ltd, DVD, 14 October, 2002
Director: Dennis C. Lewiston
Actors: Alan Barker (II), Billy Boyle
Features: PAL
List Price: £2.99
Used Price: £19.00
Third Party Price: £29.90
Availability: Limited availability
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Kevin Doherty (Tom Walsh), the orphaned son of a jockey, dreams of racing horses like his father, but instead finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot to kidnap Shergar, Ireland's greatest racehorse. Terrorist Gavin O'Rourke (Mickey Rourke) and his second-in-command Dermot Concannon steal Shergar away to a remote farm owned by Eamonn Garrity (David Warner). Unknown to the kidnappers, teenage runaway Kevin lies in the hayloft of the Garrity farm and is aware of Shergar's identity. Though initially elated at being charged with the horse's keep, Kevin is horrified when he hears of Shergar's impending execution and resolved to ride the horse to freedom. Staying only steps ahead of the kidnappers and the authorities, Kevin alters the appearance of the instantly recognisable horse. Nice film.

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