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Gypsy Woman [2003]
Gypsy Woman [2003]
4 Front Video, DVD, 07 February, 2005
Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Actors: Crissy Taylor, Vic Sinister
Features: PAL
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Customer Reviews

Fine light romantic comedy
This is a film to be thoroughly enjoyed with the family after a good Sunday lunch.

Leon (Davenport) is a hard boiled fixer employed by an unscrupulous property developer and is tasked to buy off a law suite from Natalie (McIntosh) whose husband was killed due to equipment in a dangerous condition.

However Leon did not count on Natalie being a gypsy, and to conduct the negotiations tracks her down to a mountainous region where she is having a holiday with her daughter in a traditional Gypsy caravan. This provides some lovely scenic shots.

Leon ensnares himself with Natalie and the delightful comedy unfolds at a natural gentle pace.

Davenport and McIntosh create exactly the right chemistry, and the acting of their daughters Tania (Lumley) and Sarah (Monoghan) is first class. The contrast between British and Romany culture is hinted to show Leon going up a learning curve, but is not made an issue.

For me this film has a very 1950s ambience (emphatically not in any way dated) with Stewart Grainger and Jean Simmons coming to mind for the starring roles.

Really delightful...
Im a brazilian movie freak and I do love British movies
. In fact they're great and Im always charmed by them
mainly the period movies. Fantastic...
This one introduced me to Jack Davenport, so handsome
and fun and his acting is so convincing that it reminded
me of Cary Grant...Indeed...
All the actors are great and so is the lovely story...

Very funny film
I found myself pleasently surprised by this film. I'd bought it on a whim, and based on the description, had expected something a little darker. However, it turned out to be a light, boy-meets-girl comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed.

As I see more and more of Jack Davenport's work, I continue to be more and more impressed. His acting in this picture was superb. Accordingly, Neve McIntosh's portrayl of the Gypsie widow was equally excellent. The differences between the two characters were well played and the audience wasn't beaten about the head with the idea of them being from two different backgrounds.

All in all, a very good film and a definite recommendation.

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