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Lynda La Plante - Trial And Retribution [1997]
Lynda La Plante - Trial And Retribution [1997]
Contender Entertainment Group, DVD, 27 September, 2004
Actors: Richard E. Grant, Rhys Ifans
Features: Box set, PAL
List Price: £49.99
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Customer Reviews

Fantastic, gripping drama
If you are looking for something to watch now that the autumn evenings are nearly upon us, then look no further. Although this series came out in the 90's it is one of the best crime dramas around. Miss Marple it isnt! It is a brutal and honest portrayal of a murder squad and Linda La Plante creates some real twists and turns along the way. Episode 2 has got one of the nastiest men I've ever watched.
Just fantastic acting - the 2 main leads are really good. This is excellent value for money - am definitely going to get the second lot of episodes.

dont miss it twice
I dont remember this being on telly and neither does anyone else I've asked but dont let its anonymity put you off, its a very good series.
There are 4 well written and gripping cases shown with David Hayman&Kate Buffery playing 2 detectives with differing styles of approach and personality.These 2 play their roles well and without any scene stealing theatrics. The screen is instead stolen by the various villains, mad,regretful and just plain horrid, but always memorable.
From child murder to stomach churning attacks on women the series is unflinching in its honesty and those of a more fragile disposition should really look elsewhere as the subjects are disturbing and the camera not afraid to look at the brutal results of the crimes committed.
As the series progresses you learn a little more of those regularly involved but this is not what these programmes are about, rather just enough info. is handed out to ensure you care about them, but its the crimes and the criminals that are looked at the most closely.
Too often nowadays 2 hours or more are given over to police dramas with storylines so thin that an hour would be generous. Such is not the case here however. Each lasts well over 3 hours and no time is wasted, the time passes quickly and at the end, even though the final court desision may disapoint,(just like real life), you are never left wondering about lost plot strands or characters, everything is carefully brought together and explained.
There are only 4 episodes but,as I said, at over 3 hours each and at the very reasonable price it can be purchased for, this represents good value for money and is sure to keep you gripped.
Sound is clear and dialogue well centered and easily followed. The picture is fine without grain and with good detail and colour for a 10 year old television series.

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