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TT SuperBikes (PS2)
TT SuperBikes (PS2)
Jester, Video Game, 29 April, 2005
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Customer Reviews

Great game, now make a bigger one!!!!
This is a brilliant game. Seriously, the handeling seems realistic (I havn't ridden a motorbike, just quads, so I can't be certain), and the graphics, considering the size of the IoM circuit, are astonishing. The bikes look the same, the leathers look the same, and so on. In sidecar mode, the direction of the turn makes a differnce, the same as the real thing, and it's predictable. Some bike games (MotoGP3 springs to mind), cornering without leaving trails of black rubber on the track. Not this, the tyres bite, you can "feel" the road, but if you overstep the mark, you can kiss a perfect lap goodbye, you'll be taking a digger. From riding push bikes (think Lance Armstrong etc. not BMX or MTB) I know that, if your on two wheels, oversteer is NOT an option. Any one ever see Beloki in the Tour de France? One of the best bike handelers in the world, but he still couldn't hold a slide at 50 mph, never mind the speed the nutters do over the mountain on the big bikes!!
There are a couple of complaints, though. The dificulty is strange, I can win everything, exept one race. Also, I doubt all the bikes have the same cockpit. The bikes arn't changeble enough (suspension etc.). Also, the weather is only sunny, and the Isle of Man has never had a day without rain or fog since T-rex was roaming the planet! And, last but not least, there isn't enough of it. There are only 2 tracks on the whole game. OK, one's 37 miles long, but there are other tracks in the world. Ulster, the North West etc. You could even include some of the short cicuit races, and do a World Superbike style championship. That would be as close as it is possible to get to perfect. Seriously, unless you know something about a sequel, get this, it's an absolute gem.

Frustrating Fun and Compulsive
I bought this game because I wanted to learn about the TT circuit. I didn't realise just how addictive it is. There are several serious flaws with this game - but it is just possible to forgive them because the overall involvement is so good.

The gameplay is too difficult to begin with and I found it impossible to progress. The game demands that you play only through the expert level, which increases the problems: the bikes wheelie and understeer and oversteer. You will fall off so many times that it seems impossible to get to the next level. I must admit that I went for the cheat codes available on many web sites to allow me to progress to driving around the circuit. Once on the full circuit, I found that my enjoyment increased considerably. A 600cc bike is much more rewarding than the 125cc bike that you started with in the challenge mode. I reckon that the intermediate mode is just as much fun because you will not fall off all of the time. The concentration required to pilot a 1000cc machine is considerable.

With any game such as this, the gameplay is bound to be difficult because there can only be very little feedback from the controls. The keypad buttons to control the throttle and brake are too coarse and I would recommend using the righthand joystick instead, which allows some degree of subtlety.

Once up and running, I found it fairly easy to progress to wins in the Manx GP (despite not having completed the challenges). However, it is still all too easy to fall off. I guess that I have only completed the course a couple of times without falling off at least once.

The way that other competitors try to push you off the course is most unbelievable and unrealistic and takes some of the enjoyment away from it. I suppose that you can get around it by qualifying No 1 for the race and getting away in front.

Crashed competitors magically re-appear in front of you, which is not much fun when you are doing 150 mph! They can destroy an othewise faultless lap.

The soundtrack is none too convincing. Bike sounds are not particularly realistic, but perhaps the most annoying feature is that the bikes around you make as much noise as your own machine. If you are driving with manual gear change (more satisfying), it can be very difficult to know when to change gear, especially when you need to look away from the road to see the tacho. Warning lights would be better or the tacho mounted in a better place. Likewise the speedometer, which you need to look at for the slower bends.

Spectators at the circuit are the programmers' idea of an in joke - surely themselves striking silly, two dimensional poses. Get rid of them!

Despite these niggles, I now know a lot about the circuit - the names, the bends, straights and the challenges. And it is difficult to go a day without doing at least one lap of the mountain circuit. The problems would be so easy to sort out and I hope that someone spends the time to put it all right.

Extreamly addictive and difficult at the same time.
There are not many bike games on any format to rival TT Superbikes for sheer playability and enjoyment.
The graphics are simply the best of their kind with those living on the Isle of Man testifying that every detail of the famous course right down to the fields,buildings and brick walls have been included.
The realism of speed and difficulty of gameplay make this a game that you will enjoy for quite a long time as you are not allowed onto the TT course until you have won certain races and earned the right to ride the big bikes.

I heard how good the game was having read the reviews but thought twice at buying it because when it was released it was a very costly game and if it was a disappointment i would feel cheated.I saw a friends copy and was hooked,if id known how good it was i would have gladly forked out a kings randsome but there was always that doudt.

Another aspect of the game is that apart from the bikes you are also given the sidecar bikes and the animation of riders moving from left to right is first class.

the first course you are given is the Southern and being rather short it is very testing with sharp corners and severe bends.

If you are still thinking of buying this game donot hesitate as it is head and shoulders above everything else.

A word of caution though you are given the entire TT course to speedalong and not sections of it.Imagine every corner and straight of the entire course in perfect detail.

This game deserves 10 stars for gameplay alone and you will never tire of it because the many bikes on offer all handle differently as you are able to change the set up on your bike to make it handle better or go faster.

The game is as close to riding the TT as it is possible to get and the sense of speed is addictive.

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