Five Children And It [2004]
Five Children And It [2004]
Pathe Distribution, DVD, 21 March, 2005
Director: John Stephenson
Actors: Kenneth Branagh, Zoe Wanamaker
Features: PAL, Widescreen
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Customer Reviews

The five Children and it

This enthralling children's classic has been converted into blockbuster screens. An emotional adventure tells the tale of five children who when evacuated due to world war one find a secret tunnel in the forbidden greenhouse in their cousins manor. As the story progresses the children discover the sand fairy or `it' buried in the magical beach through the tunnel. 'It' helps the children discover that what they want isn't necessarily what's best for them in the long run. The fairy grants them one wish each day and due to their father being away at war their wishes are often far-flung and drastic, events quickly spin out of hand....

This movie is carried along by the young child star Freddie Highmore who also played Charlie in Charlie and the chocolate factory. His innocent boyish face portrays the hurt of losing someone closest to you in a way only a child could. Other famous stars include Kenneth Branagh (uncle) and Eddie Izzard (the voice of it).
As the movie is swept along the house bully Horace (Alexander Pownall) catches the fairy and tries to kill it for his collection. Will the fairy escape in time to stop the whole town being eaten by a rampaging T-rex and will `dad' ever come home.
Directed by John Stephenson this movie is a must see!
By Eleanor Daly 14
(4 stars)

I was thoroughly capivated by this dvd. The story is fairly simple. City children are evacuated to the country to stay with their cousin. On arrival they are given free rein of the house, but are not to go to the greenhouse. Needless to say, it is the first place they explore. Inside exists a secret passage to a special beach, the home of the Sand Fairy, aka IT. IT grants wishes but, with a twist...
Kenneth Branagh is wonderful as the excentric uncle.
A lovely family movie.

Good but not particularly faithful.
On its own this was a good film. The basic premise is there, five children, an it and some wishes which fade at sunset. This was a fun, funny movie with the appropriate lump in your throat moments. I enjoyed it but wasn't so keen on how estranged Robert seemed to be from his brothers and sisters. Kenneth Brannagh and Zoe Wannamaker were topnotch of course and Eddie Izzard provides much amusement as It. This film isn't particularly faithful to the book by E. Nesbit, only a few basic points correspond at all and if you're looking for something that will compliment the book then you might be better off going for the BBC mini series. If, however you're looking for a fun movie to watch with the kids then I would definitely recommend this one.

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