Churchill - The Hollywood Years [2004]
Churchill - The Hollywood Years [2004]
Pathe Distribution, DVD, 28 March, 2005
Director: Peter Richardson
Actors: Christian Slater, Neve Campbell
Features: PAL, Widescreen
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Customer Reviews

Mel Brooks meets Ealing Comedy
It is Miranda Richardson herself, in an interview about this film, who postulated that it was a cross between Mel Brooks and an Ealing comedy. And to some extent she is right. It's not as bad as some of the critics have described, but you must remember also that, as Ben Walters wrote in the 'Sight&Sound' magazine review, this is meant to be a bad film.

It does have a number of funny moments and characters - Miranda herself as a bored Eva Braun, Anthony Sher as a socially-uncomfortable Hitler, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer as camp royal servants, and Harry Enfield as a parsimonious and small-minded George VI. And if you buy it cheap, you cannot complain about wasting money.

The extras are quite worthless, though, even the commentary by Christian Slater and Peter Richardson. But at least you learn therein that the movie was not filmed mainly in the Isle of Man as the credits state (something to do with funding by the Isle's film company perchance?), but was actually shot mostly in Devon - Brixham, Buckfastleigh (Dart Valley Railway), Dartmouth, Paignton, Plymouth&Powderham.

So long as you watch this film in the spirit in which it was made, you won't be disappointed. It kept us entertained for an hour and a half, and will do so again.

Dismally bad offering from the comic strip team. Over the years their output has been variable in quality- for every 'Five Go mad in Dorset' or 'GLC' there has been a 'Mr Jolly' or 'South Atlantic Raiders'.
It is quite simply witless. The substitution of foul language and wilful strangeness for any sort of humour is something the comic strip have increasingly used and it grates.

A huge shame as the idea of sending up Hollywoods take on ww2 is long overdue.

It's not all bad; Amanda Richardsons turn as Eva Braun is hilariou, Harry Enfield shines as King George and there is someyhing irresistible about the idea of a rap version of 'Were Going to Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line'(a spin-off single I would definitely buy) but none of this can redeem what is ultimately another embarassing low-budget t*rd from Britain's once-great film industry.

A Ridiculous Film - Exactly As It's Supposed To Be!!!
I think a lot of the reviewers of this film have completely missed the point. This is a surrealist, bizarre comedy that was in no way meant to be taken literally or to re-write history. I think the film-makers had enough respect for the intelligence of the viewing public to believe that they would take the film for what it was and not misinterpret the intentions of the movie and take offence! I find it insulting that so many reviewers make the point about this film being historically inaccurate and replacing the hero with an American for some other reason other than to take the mickey out of stereotypical American sensitivities whereby they like to believe that they were actually responsible for all the great achievements of history! This film is doing exactly the opposite of what it is these people are objecting to!

Also I haven't checked this out, but I seem to remember when the film came out it was promoted as a British made film, Christian Slater was on Jonathon Ross's show and that's certainly the impression I got. If this is the case then it more than proves my point about the intentions of the movie.

Anyway, all in all it is a hilariously silly film, really daft and unbelievable storyline and outrageously over the top characters - anyone with a sense of humour should be able to suspend their disbelief for 90 minutes and just enjoy it for the glorious farce that it is!

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