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Revolver [2005]
Revolver [2005]
Warner Home Video, DVD, 06 March, 2006
Director: Guy Ritchie
Actors: Jason Statham, Derek Mak
Features: PAL, Special Edition, Widescreen
List Price: £18.99
New Price: £8.48
Used Price: £1.17
Third Party Price: £1.29
Availability: Special Order
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Customer Reviews

Same pap as usual. If you've seen one Guy Ritchie film you've quite literally seen them all. (And wasted two hours of your life you'll never get back again). Follows same predictable chopping and changing scenes format with boring meaningless dialog until some equally meaningless violence is dropped in . Visual direction is also dreadful. Steer well clear. Its a stinker.

the comic book guy says...
'worst film EVER!'

Avoid this at all costs. it's not even bad in a funny way. It's a boring, loathsome, pretentious piece of garbage.

Ego trip
Revolver, I can't say that I liked watching this film. Throughout it was watchable though at the end I was left wanting. It isn't overly hard to follow but the story seems patchy and over cooked.

The line up is pretty good, Jason Statham well you know what your gonna get with him, always good. Ray Liotta I am a big fan of ever since Goodfellas. He puts in great performance in fact all the actors do a good job.

All the quick cuts, strange lighting and inner monologue was a bit over the top. I though this was just an ego trip by a no doubt capable director. Perhaps if the ego was tempered then the film would have been a lot better as the story and actors are all good.

I have seen previouse work by Guy Ritchie, Lock Stock and Snatch and they are more enjoyable bar all the mockny BS. I think he can make films but if he left the ego outside they would be more impressive.

Left wanting here.

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