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Groudle Glen Railway


Groudle Glen Railway is a 2ft narrow gauge railway, originally built in the spring of 1896 for the surge of summertime tourists visiting the area. The railway runs from Lonely Valley (Lhen Coan in Manx) to the headland and around the coast. When first built it carried passengers from the popular Groudle Glen to Sea Lion Rocks where a zoo with sea lions and polar bears was located.

The train services started out with the steam locomotive 'Sea Lion' and three passenger coaches. Soon after another steam locomotive called 'Polar Bear' was added with more coaches to keep up with the demand. Following World War I the steam trains were replaced for a brief period by two battery powered locomotives. The line was closed in 1939 for the duration of World War II. After the war services resumed with Polar Bear pulling trains to the headland, until the service closed again in 1962. It was not until 1986 that the line was reopened to the public after years of restoration. Over the next 10 years the line was extended to the original terminus, the Lhen Coan Station was rebuilt, and restored stream trains returned to service.


Located in Groudle Glen near Onchan on the east side of the Isle of Man.

By Vehicle:
Groudle Glen is along the A11 between Douglas and Laxey. There is parking at the top of glen.

By Bus:
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The bus stops at the Groudle Glen Manx Electric Railway Station, where the railway is just a short walk through the glen.

By Railway:
Take the Steam Railway to Douglas. The Electric Railway to Groudle Glen. Walk through the glen to the Lhen Coan Station.

29 Hawarden Avenue
Isle of Man

Travelling on the Groudle Glen Railway

The railway runs three quarters of a mile from inside a beautiful glen towards the coast. Wrapping around a headland to a small cove which once held a zoo. The end of the line has a small cafe with views over looking the cliffs and sea, as well as lovely walks. There are many locations well situated for a picnic or relaxing rest.

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