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Manx Electric Railway

Open: Summer Service: Mar 17th - Nov 4th 2012: Daily, See Rail Timetable
Price: PRICES FOR 2012

Douglas to Onchan Head or Far End
Adult: single 2 return 4
Child: single 1 return 2

Douglas to Groudle or Eskdale
Adult: single 2.40 return 4.80
Child: single 1.20 return 2.40

Douglas to Half-W-House, Baldrine, or Gartwick
Adult: single 3.60 return 7.20
Child: single 1.80 return 3.60

Douglas to Ballabeg, Fairy Cottage, South Cape, Laxey, Minorca, Ballaragh or Dhoon Glen
Adult: single 5 return 10
Child: single 2.50 return 5

Douglas to Glen Mona, Ballaglass, Cornaa, Ballajora, Dreemskerry, Lewaigue, or Ramsey
Adult: single 5.80 return 11.60
Child: single: 2.90 return 5.80

Douglas or Ramsey to Bungalow or Snaefell
Adult: single 6 return 12
Child: single 3 return 6

Laxey to Bungalow
Adult: single 5 return 7.20
Child: single 2.50 return 3.60

Bungalow to Summit
Adult: single 5 return 6.40
Child: single 2.50 return 3.20

Laxey to Snaefell Summit
Adult: single 5 return 10
Child: single 2.50 return 5

Children under 5: FREE. (limit 2 per paying adult as long as seat is not in use by another passenger.)
The third (or subsequent) child under five must pay the child fare.
One child (ages 5-15): FREE with each full paying adult.

Explorer Tickets
There are three different Explorer tickets available.
1 Day, 16.00 adult, 8.00 child
3 Day, 32.00 adult, 16.00 child
5 Day, 39.00 adult, 19.50 child
7 Day, 45.00 adult, 23.50 child
Each Adult ticket also includes a child aged 5 to 15 travelling at the same time.
On the 3 & 7 day tickets the days run consecutively.

Heritage Explorer Tickets
Five Day: adult 55 child 27

Isle of Man Railway Residents Tickets
Adult: 55
Child: 27.50
Disabled: Limited Access, steps
Parking: Ample


Messrs. Bruce and Saunderson were behind the construction of the 3 feet track gauge railway, which first opened in 1893. The original line ran from Douglas to Laxey and in 1899 the line was extended to include Ramsey. The Manx Electric Railway holds to being the longest narrow gauge vintage railway in the British Isles. Over seventeen miles of line border the coastline between Douglas and Ramsey. All the operational trams are original, with the newest dating back as far as 1906. Trams 1 and 2 are the oldest dating back to 1893 earning them a place in the record books as the oldest regularly operated tram cars in the world. Sadly many trams were destroyed by a fire in 1930 at Laxey Depot.

The Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Co collapsed in 1900 following an expensive expansion programme, but by 1902 a new company with mainland funding had taken over and the Manx Electric Railway ran on till it was bought by the Manx Government in the early 1950's. Times were changing though and by the mid 1960's decline of tourism hit the railways. The mid 1970's almost saw the closure of the line, but opposition kept the trams running.

The Manx Electric Railway started out as public transport mainly for tourists, but also saw its lines used for the transportation of goods and animals. It became a part of island transport which managed to stand the tests of time and progress.


Douglas: Start/End Stop
Onchan: Request Stop
Groudle: Stop
Baldrine: Request Stop
Ballabeg: Request Stop
Fairy Cottage: Request Stop
South Cape: Request Stop
Laxey: Stop
Minorca: Request Stop
Dhoon: Request Stop
Glen Mona: Request Stop
Ballaglass: Request Stop
Cornaa: Request Stop
Ballajora: Request Stop
Ballure: Request Stop
Ramsey: Start/End Stop

Travelling on the Manx Electric Railway

For the best coastal views there is no better way to travel then the Manx Electric Railway. It weaves its way up and down along the eastern side of the island. The sea is clearly visible for most of the way. The trams pass through countryside, glens and villages. It is a truly wonderful journey covering a total distance of around 17 miles. It is about a 45 minute ride from Douglas to Laxey and then another 45 minutes from Laxey to Ramsey. There are many interesting stops along the way, but most are by request and the conductor will need to be informed when he checks your ticket. There are often two options for seating, outside or inside. The inside seats are nice if it is cold or wet, but if you really want to take in the scenery then sit outside.

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Electric Tram - Manx Electric Railway

Electric Tram - Manx Electric Railway

Electric Tram - Manx Electric Railway

Electric Tram - Manx Electric Railway

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