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Poachers will be Prosecuted 27 October 2005

    The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry is sending out a clear message that illegal fishing will not be tolerated. Anyone handling, buying, or in possession of, illegally-caught salmon will face prosecution.

    The Inland Fisheries Section of DAFF is working in close collaboration with the Police and the Manx Rivers Improvement Association. They are on the look-out for salmon poachers following reports of suspicious activity in our rivers.

    At this time of year, salmon and sea trout are returning from their feeding grounds at sea and heading up our rivers to spawn. These fish are particularly vulnerable for the next 2 - 3 months as they commence to spawn.

    Female salmon can produce around 800 eggs per pound of body weight, so a 10lb salmon can hold 8,000 eggs. However, only a very small percentage of these eggs will survive to become adult salmon.

    These eggs are the future of salmon for Manx rivers. It is important to protect them and give them the best possible chance of survival.

    Illegal fishing activity reduces the number of salmon available for successful spawning in the rivers. Fewer salmon mean fewer eggs, leading to a downward spiral and subsequent pressure on the future survival of salmon in Manx rivers.

    The last day of the river angling season is Monday 31st October. After that date, anyone seen fishing in our rivers will be doing so illegally, and should be reported.

    Any suspected poaching activity will be investigated. Anybody engaged in handling, buying or in possession of illegally-caught salmon will face prosecution.

    The public can help by not encouraging poachers. Poaching is an offence. So is buying or being in possession of illegally-caught salmon. Please report all suspicious activity to the Freshwater Fisheries Manager by telephoning 812224, or to the Police by telephoning 631212 or the CRIMESTOPPERS number, 0800 555 111.

    27th October 2005

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