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Last Call for TSP Applications 24 October 2005

    There is now only one week to go before the deadline for submitting your TSP application. If you are conducting TSP business and you have not applied for your licence by 31 October 2005, you will be committing an offence under the Fiduciary Services Acts 2000 & 2005.

    If you have already submitted your application, thank you for doing so and please ignore this message.

    If you intend to apply, you should arrange to submit your application as soon as possible. As previously advised, applications are being handled on a 'first come first served' basis. It may be some time before your application is dealt with if you leave submission to the last day.

    If you have any queries about the application process or are in doubt about whether you need to apply, please refer to the Authorisations Section of the website at or contact the Authorisations Team.

    24th October 2005

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