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Sulby Dam Wave Wall contract 21 October 2005

    Restoration of the original wave wall along the crest of Sulby Dam near Tholt-y-Will began at the beginning of September and is progressing well. Completion is expected towards the end of the year. The contract is being undertaken by Stone 2000 from Andreas, who had previously completed all the external stone work for the new Sulby Water Treatment Works building.

    Sulby Dam Wavewall

    The original concept of the wave wall was to present a rugged appearance to the top of the dam similar to that of the rock armour often used in sea defences. It was built using large boulders from the on-site quarry which provided the rock fill material from which the dam was built.

    Some of the larger boulders in the wall became insecure a few years after the dam was completed. These were removed and placed on the adjacent crest road to prevent them being tipped down the face of the dam. Later, a short sample section of the original wall at the east end of the dam crest was restored by repositioning and stabilising the larger boulders and then filling in with mortar bound rubble stonework. This sample section has proved durable, and the rest of the wall is now being restored to match the sample section.

    21st October 2005

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