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Helping to Prevent Card Fraud 7 October 2005

    Card fraud is rare in the Island, however, according to figures issued by the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS), UK card fraud losses totalled £508.8 million in 2004. Of this total, £150.8 million was attributed to fraudulent transactions where the card was not present, that is, transactions undertaken by phone, fax or online.

    To combat fraud, card suppliers have introduced a number of measures such as "Chip and Pin" and CCV numbers (the three digit number on the rear of the card).

    Another measure being introduced is the removal of information from receipts such as the full card number. This measure means that a discarded receipt does not contain sufficient details to permit a fraudster to undertake a "card not present" fraud.

    Many retailers, in conjunction with their card reader suppliers, have already introduced this measure and stopped printing full card details on receipts.

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Office of the Data Protection Supervisor (ODPS) would encourage any retailers who still print full card details on a receipt to contact their card reader supplier to determine what changes are required. In some cases this may only require a change in settings while on other cases new equipment may be required.

    The OFT and the ODPS continue to recommend that receipts should be destroyed when no longer required.

    Further information on protecting against card fraud can be found at

    7th October 2005

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