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World-wide TV exposure for Isle of Man sports events 4 October 2005

    Television coverage of July’s Total Manx International Rally went into a potential 517 million homes across the world. This is revealed with publication of the latest distribution figures which show where the feature was shown, network by network and country by country.

    As well as the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, the event was televised in countries as far apart as the United States, South America, the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Oceania. An estimated 90 million homes were able to receive news broadcasts on the rally in China alone, through the ESPN Asia Channel.

    Tourism Minister David Cretney said: ‘The total global airtime was equivalent to over 44 hours. You could not afford to pay for that amount of advertising and the television exposure is bound to reap rewards for the tourist industry itself and in raising the Isle of Man’s profile overseas.

    ‘That is not the end of the story either. Sky Television have scheduled a number of broadcasts featuring the End to End mountain biking challenge which took place in September and Sky have also agreed to cover the European Pool Championships at the Villa Marina in October by way of four one-hour programmes. It is all marvellous news for the Island and adds to our reputation as a venue for top class sporting events.’

    October 11th and 12th will see extensive coverage on Sky Sports of the End to End Challenge. The programme, lasting 47 minutes, can be seen firstly on October 11th at 6.30pm on Sky Sports 2, and then at 9pm on Sky Sports Xtra and midnight on Sky Sports 3. The following day Sky Sports 2 shows the feature at 3am, 8am and 11am.

    In addition, a one minute-long report is being transmitted on Transworld Sport which has a potential audience of 500 million homes.

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