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Department welcomes involvement of SITA in Paper Recycling 3 October 2005

    The Environment Department has been investigating cost-effective long term-solutions for the recycling of newspapers and magazines from the Island’s public ‘bring’ sites and has now made alternative arrangements for the recycling of such materials through SITA Waste (Isle of Man) Limited.

    SITA Waste (Isle of Man) Limited operates the Energy-from-Waste Plant at Richmond Hill on behalf of the Department. SITA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SITA, Europe’s largest waste management company. However, in addition to municipal waste management, a core part of SITA’s business in the UK and across Europe is recycling and, therefore, the arrangement entered into with the Department represents a natural expansion to their business on the Island.

    The Department is pleased that this new arrangement will ensure that there will be no interruption to the recycling service provided through the public recycling sites. Paper and magazines will continue to be collected by the Department’s dedicated recycling vehicle and shipped for recycling in the UK. The difference lies in the operational handling and transportation of the paper which will now be carried out by SITA in full accordance with Licence and Planning conditions at the centrally located Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facility.

    The paper and magazines collected from public recycling sites will now be delivered to the EfW’s large reception hall, where it will be quality checked before loading into containers for export to the UK. The materials will then be transported to North Wales, to a paper mill run by the company UPM-Kymenne. Once there, the paper will be processed and recycled to make newsprint. Isle of Man Newspapers import this recycled newsprint for the printing of its local newspapers which helps to ‘close the loop’ for the paper we recycle locally. As the paper will be sold directly to the paper mill, its value will be recouped by the Department and this will help to offset handling and transportation costs. This means that the Department will save the taxpayer over £70 000 per year in subsidy payments previously made for the recycling of newspapers and magazines from public recycling banks (based on current recycling figures of about 1300 tonnes per year).

    General Manager at the Energy-from-Waste facility, Jeff Robinson, said:

    “SITA is very pleased to be working with Government on recycling paper. We have many years of experience in the recycling business, which is one of our largest activities in the UK”.

    Environment Minister, John Rimington, said

    “My Department is committed to transparency and public accountability regarding its recycling activities and any associated operational changes. It is of particular importance in this case, as we recognised that the delivery of paper from public recycling sites to the EfW might give the mistaken impression that the paper is simply being disposed of, and not recycled. However I would like to assure the public that there will be a full audit trail for all paper collected from the Island’s recycling sites to its recycling point at the paper mill in North Wales.”

    In recent years, the Department has enjoyed a very good working relationship with a local company, Doxbond, for the recycling of public newspaper and magazines and wishes to place on record its appreciation of the services Doxbond have provided.

    3rd October 2005

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