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Isle of Man Airport August 2005 Passenger Figures 5 September 2005

    MONTHLY COMPARISON7587875954760.1
    PROGRESSIVE TOTAL this year506511538746322356.4
    MOVING ANNUAL TOTAL758350805978476286.3
    AER ARANN1514241189759.2
    BA CITIEXPRESS2532924387-942-3.7
    EASTERN AIRWAYS48004377-423-8.8
    EMERALD AIRWAYS113140-11314-100.0
    EUROMANX 165673422117654106.6
    OTHER CHARTER SERVICES inc Private/Club flyers73286112917.6
    BELFAST CITY A2B/Flybe/Flykeen/Euromanx35002797-703-20.1
    BIRMINGHAM Flybe/Eastern5708643973112.8
    BLACKPOOL A2B/Flykeen/BNWA 1526221068444.8
    BRISTOL Eastern/Euromanx1169161044137.7
    DUBLIN EuroManx/Aer Arann3443404860517.6
    EAST MIDLANDS 5410-541-100.0
    EDINBURGH 19750-1975-100.0
    GALWAY EuroManx0438438100.0
    GATWICK BACitiExpress1197610778-1198-10.
    GLASGOW EuroManx/Loganair2830351368324.1
    LEEDS/BRADFORD Eastern Airways860634-226-26.3
    LIVERPOOL EuroManx/Emerald2019214948-5244-26.0
    LONDON CITY FlyBe/Euromanx4315495363814.8
    LUTON BACitiExpress35123432-80-2.3
    MANCHESTER BACitiExpress/EuroManx984113906406541.3
    NEWCASTLE Eastern Airways65279214021.5
    PARIS EuroManx0569569100.0
    SOUTHAMPTON Euromanx021742174100.0
    STANSTED Euromanx31061852-1254-40.4
    GENERAL tonnes185170-15-8.1
    MAIL tonnes18519163.2
    including scheduled28632748-115-4.0


    ""This August records a small increase (76 passengers) to give a new all-time record monthly total of 75,954.

    The figure could have been greater, but for the 25% reduction on the Liverpool route with 5,244 less passengers.This being the effect of Emerald Airways ceasing to fly in competition against Euromanx. Some of the passenger traffic appears to have switched to the Manchester route, which shows 41% growth, an increase of 4,065 passengers.

    Manchester has now overtaken Gatwick as the second busiest air route to and from the Island. The five busiest air routes being Liverpool with 20% of all passengers; Manchester with 18%; Gatwick with 14%; Birmingham with 8.5%; and London City with 6.5%.

    5th September 2005

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